My name is Omesh Singh. I am a freelance photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I specialize in event and portrait photography. 

Bellville, 7530
Western Cape, South Africa


Why should you consider hiring me?

Images can be incredibly powerful. They can shock you, make you laugh, make you cry, make you smile, make you think, make you rethink... So as an image-creator it is only natural that I am always striving for imaging excellence, because I know how powerful and important an image can be to you and those you care about.


As a child I was ambidextrous and would love drawing. I drew cartoon characters, landscapes, cars anything that captured the imagination. In the 80s there were some outrageous cars and hairstyles so I was never short on inspiration.

After high school I studied mechanical engineering and was at the top of my class. Due to my academic performance I was offered a scholarship to study modular product development in Sweden. Although brief, I thoroughly enjoyed my first taste of overseas travel and of living in a first world country.

On my return to South Africa I qualified as a mechanical engineer and promptly took a gap year. I had always been fascinated by cinema and injected myself into that world. Working as an extra in film and advertising, I got to see how things work behind-the-scenes and I also got to work with many interesting people. I never realized motion pictures were such a collaborative endeavor. I'd always been drawn to the idea of full creative control, but the reality of industry is that you work with producers' money and they can really tie your creative hands in order to minimize risks.

The seasonal nature of the film industry was also not paying the bills and in 2009 I joined Shell South Africa and started my engineering career. I've always wanted to be involved in design and creative processes and after for 6 years at Shell I realized that I that would not be able shape my career path to that end and that I would always be yearning for the creative world. 

In 2013 I decided to make a career change, diving into the world of photography. I started shooting images professionally in 2014. I have continued to shoot a variety of subjects across various photographic genres.

I find photography extremely rewarding. I love the fusion of technical and creative aspects. I enjoy having full creative control, and at the end of the day delivering a high quality product in the form of albums, prints and/or digital files. I pride myself on delivering unique, high-quality images in a timely fashion.